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The Homeless Android Game Review

The concept of being a homeless and then making your empire is just magnificient. I can say that such games are tycoon games where you become hero from zero. This is one of the nice games which I love to play often. You might have heard a lot about the Rags to Riches. The Homeless is like the same kind of stuff. So I thought of playing this game and just became addicted to the gameplay for sure.

The Homeless Android Game ReviewThe Homeless Android Game Review

You actually experience the whole journey from being a homeless to rich. Now I wanted to know as an entrepreneur that what this game teaches me. This is the reason I get addicted fast and well for playing such games. The main fact is that even it is the virtual money which you see increasing, though there is a sense of accomplishment while playing. We played this game a lot and it was fun, but as there are many tycoon games that are never ending and after a certain period of time we do get bored after playing it. Especially for this game my thought was to complete the game and achieve all the tasks given in the achievements board.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review

Game Interface

Now when you install the game your expectations are very much increased. As we are all excited to experience the rags to riches story. In this game the user interface is very normal. The tabs on this game are like the 90s. It made me realize the normal tabs which I had seen and experienced in Windows 95. So the user interface is way below par.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review

But the main fact is that while playing the game, I never got bored enough. The basic fact is that I had that passion to complete this game. Though many times the boring interface was actually a turn off for me most of the times. Still there is fun to play this game for sure. There are so many gameplay elements which makes this game very interesting as the time passes and when you come above the poverty line. This is for all the people who are doing job and hardships and after doing business and after facing lot of failures you come to a stage where you are invincible. The same happens with this game.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review


There are no specific levels in the game. But there is a sense of responsibility as you do in real life to achieve something. Here also you are more tended to achieve the best in your life. The main fact is that you are making more and more efforts to achieve the feats and the virtual money in the game will surely keep you going for a long run.


Yes when you are homeless this is the best way to earn money in the game. So look or hunt for bottles and sell it. There is a different rate daily so you should try to sell the bottles at higher rate and earn money.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review


To survive in the game properly, you should maintain your health, food and entertainment levels. If you fail to do so, the game gets over! So it is very important to make sure that you earn money and you keep the levels of health, food and entertainment high.

There are various menus which you can explore in the game. The first one is the Summary. Which shows the Age of the player, money, Euro, Bottles. Transport, Property, Rating, Status, Session, Current Exchange rate and Bottle rate. This is a very important screen as you get to see all the details of the game in the summary menu. The food, health and entertainment levels are surrounded on the sides on each and every menu of the game. Also the current money and euro amount in the game is showcased.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review

Different Menus

There are various menus as said earlier in this game. So explore all the menus which are Summary, Food/happiness, Health, Begging, Job, Study/Rating, Property/transport, Business/Protection, Politics/Social, Stock Exchange, Roulette Wheel, Farm, Night Club, Family, Achievements and Settings. It is very easy to navigate between the menus.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review


In the beginning focus on searching and selling many bottles and survive by maintaining the levels of happiness, food and health. When you have enough money then focus on studying the basic level. When you finish first level of study then go for doing a job. When you start doing a job then there are no worries in earning money, but it is very little. For doing particular jobs you will have to complete few tasks like renting a property or studying a particular course. So keep on doing job and study.

When you have good amount of money, its time for buying business! Buy basic businesses but protect them well. Buy a farm. Now its time for getting into business. Because farm will provide you good income. Start hiring people, buy animals and make your mark in farming. Once you earn good in farming go for Night Club. Night Club is the best way to earn money. You can buy many dance floors and start managing them, hire a manager and keep earning money. When you have enough money you can then concentrate on politics and run for the presidency.

The Homeless Android Game Review The Homeless Android Game Review

If you win then earn more money and try to buy villa, best transport, enjoy and have the best lifestyle or even get married! Then focus on buying the Time Machine which will make you invincible. Though these things can only happen in game. After you buy the time machine you cannot die in the game. So then just play roulette wheel or manage your family, govern the country, you must be having millions of money and euros. So just open the achievements tab and then focus on completing each and every achievement.

A walkthrough was very important to share as many of the people may make stupid mistakes in buying something which is not needed at that point of time and can screw the game. So enjoy playing this game!

Final Verdict

This is a kind of tycoon game which I liked and fully completed. Though the user interface is a bit shabby and few spelling mistakes, the concept is amazing of homeless to rich. You will get to learn a lot of things which I try to do in every tycoon game. Enjoy the game!

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