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Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

Are you looking for a game which will improve your time management skills? Well then this game can be yours. Kids like games which are suitable for them. They are swift in their operations and very much intelligent for sure. This game will teach the kids a little bit of bank process and task management. So this is a Bank of the kids and they need to manage it well. Not at all complex. So let us get to know about his game in depth.

Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

User Interface

So when you install and open the game. Then there are minimalistic options like Rate Us, Upgrade and Play. On the top left you can see various counters. These are the Coins earned, Diamonds and Energy left. So these are the options you see when you open the game. The energy is automatically restored to you. For playing a game you need energy for sure.

Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

So this is like a virtual currency for playing the game. When you click on Play you see that there are 30 levels of gameplay. In the beginning only one level is open to play and others are locked. As you complete levels the consecutive level gets unlocked.


So when you play the first level the game teaches you of how to play this game. So you are in a bank. So as you know in a bank there are various counters. Right from Receptionist to Accountant and to Bank Manager. There is also an ATM. So there are 4 places where you can send the customer. So in the beginning only one counter is open. So when a customer comes you have to see the icon where he/she wants to go. So you can click on the customer and then click on the destination where you want to send the customer.

Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

Your end goal is to satisfy all the customers and make sure their work is done properly. To master this game you need to upgrade the counters from time to time which will ease the process. The initial levels are very easy. In the initial levels you just have to place the customers to the first counter and make sure that their work is done. There will be queue of customers. You have to make sure that the customers should not be angry and they should not leave the counter.

Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

So there is a step by step process of the customer. A customer will first go to the Receptionist. Then after the work is done they will got to the Accountant. Then they will go to the ATM. Then they will visit the manager to get money from the locker room. This is a process of what a customer needs. It may be that a customer needs only few of the above steps. So the requirements of the customer are customized for sure.

Pro Tip: You need to make sure that the counters of Reception, Accountant and ATM are empty as soon as possible for the next customers to come in.

So you need to empty the first counters as the customers will be coming soon to these counters one by one and there will be no need to wait. I have played all the 30 levels and achieved 3 stars in every level of this game. So take it as a pro tip and you will do great. Good game for the kids to learn the task management. This will improve their skills for sure.

Kids Bank Cashier Job Review

Final Verdict

Great game for improving task management skills. Good for kids to know how a bank works in a very simple manner. Adults can also play to pass their time and enjoy this game for sure.

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