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Cricket Black Review

Do you love playing cricket and don’t have much time to play a complete match. Well here is a very light game for you which is Cricket Black. I was looking for a very light weighted app. Yes this app is just less than 2MB. So is this game addictive? Will you enjoy your time playing this game? Well lets see in this review of the game Cricket Black.

Cricket Black Review

Cricket Black Review

User Interface

So you can find this game on Google Play store. Easy to install. The thing which I liked the most is that the size of the game is very less. So don’t keep the expectations high from this game. So when you install the game, you can then open to enjoy Cricket Black. So why the name Cricket Black. Well its a black and white game and the ball is red in color. Very interesting indeed.

So when you open the game you will see very minimalistic buttons. These are “Tap to start” to start the game. There are two modes of Chase Target and even Play Online. So you can play accordingly. I like to play in the free mode where I get 10 balls to play and there is no target.

Cricket Black Review


So when you play the Free mode then tap to start the game. A whistle blows and the bowler comes and throws a ball. Your just aim is to hit the ball in the perfect timing. To hit, just tap anywhere on the screen and you can hit the ball. You will get 10 balls to play. If you hit a six you get extra balls. Even you hit a four you get extra ball to play.

Cricket Black Review

This makes the game very interesting. So you got to hit on your perfect timing to hit the ball. There is no tension of run out or of a fielder catching your ball. So just hit the ball on timing. You can watch the video of the gameplay below the review where we enjoyed the game and made our best score. Can you break it? Lets see. Tweet us with your best score on @mustgames

So there is another mode which is Chase Target. In this mode you have a target to achieve. So you have 10 balls to achieve this target. So there is a tournament and you have to win matches. But as you start winning the targets become more and more difficult to achieve. So you need to time the ball well to reach the touch targets.

So you have to win consecutively to win the trophy. If you loose then you are thrown a match behind on the timeline schedule of the tournament. This is very challenging and will surely make you addict to perfect the game and achieve the targets. It was fun to play this mode as I loved to chase the targets.

If you have won the tournament then you can also play this game online in the Play Online mode. In this mode you can play with any random player or your friends to win in this game. So you have to achieve more runs than your rival in the online mode. So all the best. This is one of the most amazing short and sweet a couple of minutes time killer per match. So I like to play this game in between meeting or when I am stressed up.

Cricket Black Review

Final Verdict

For people who want a light weight game in terms of memory only 2MB and just to pass few minutes of your time this game is for you. You can get addicitive to achieve more and more score and break your best score for sure. Liked the game, good for people for any devices.

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