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Cartoon999 Review

Do you love the cartoons? We all love them. Do you want to relive the moments the characters of the the all time legend cartoon characters? This game is for you. Do you have the urge to create a cartoon company who designs cartoons. We love tycoon games and it is amazing to hire world class cartoon artists and make them work with the highest productivity.

This game just re-lived me the memories of the Game Tycoon game. Its just amazing to play such games.

Cartoon999 Review


User Interface

When you install the game, you will go through a story line. Then you will start the game, where you will see your Office space with your Cartoon Artist working for your company. Here you can see a lot of information on the screen. Here you can see the goals on the top left. So you know in the game of what goals you want to achieve next. There is a list of Goals which you can check in. For completing the you get bonus rewards too.

Below Goals you can check your Rankings. You can login through Google Play store and can compete with other players. So your progress in the game will be compared with other players. This is also a motivational factor to play this game for a long time. Next to it are Record and Facebook/Twitter Share icons from which you can share your Achievements.

On the Top Right hand side you can see important statistics in the game. These are the Likes Count, Crystals Count and the Coins Count. On the Right hand side of the stats you can see a Tuning Icon. In the Tuning Menu you can tweak the settings of the game. Like Changing the Sound, Vibration, Simple Mode, Input Puns and also there is an option to “Start from Beginning”. This is a cool option if you want to start the game all over.

On the Main screen On top right while playing the game you can see Use D-Brush icon from time to time. Per second coins which you are earning right now. Below that you can see your office where your cartoonists are working for you.

Cartoon999 Review


This game’s motive is simple, you have to become a Cartoonist Tycoon. So you have to hire cartoonists from the world and upgrade them, give them tools, give them best environment and achieve the glory! Having said that the game is very addictive indeed. The journey starts with you yourself as a Cartoonist. There is a story which starts and then you have to go to the victory. Your office is in your hands. You are the owner of the company. So you can upgrade the People. There are 5 important menus for playing the game. These are People, Items, Office, Guest and Conquer.

In the People Tab you can see the list of all your Cartoonists. You can check how much they are earning for you. The amount of coins needed to level them up and there is also an indicator of the number of episode they are working upon. You can level up your cartoonists from time to time. This is very important to upgrade them as it will give you better outputs in the game.

There is another Tab named as “Items”. Here you will get loads of items which you can assign to the cartoonist to increase his/her productivity. This is essential as you buy items to them. Now these items come up of various types. These are Tools, Table, Chair, Figure, Cushion and Name Plate. Now there are loads of tools to choose from. These are like Pencil, Small Ball, Oriental Brush, Watercolor Tools, Marker, Crayon, etc. These tools will increase the productivity of the Cartoonist for sure.

Then there is a Tab of Table in the Items section. In the Tables you can choose from many tables like the Wooden Box, Plastic Box, etc. There you can choose better and better table for your cartoonist. Then there is a Chair tab. Here you will choose the chair for your cartoonist. The chairs names are also very much interesting. In the beginning you cannot afford the costly chairs. But slowly as the game progresses then you can upgrade the chairs.

Tip: Keep improving the cartoonists by leveling them up.

Then there is a Figure Tab. Here you can select a particular Figure to the cartoonist. Another interesting tab is of Cushion. So there is a cushion which you can select for your cartoonists. These cushions will make the cartoonist comfortable while working and will give you more yield. Then there is a Tab of “Nameplate”. Who doesn’t want a prestigious nameplate? Well, you can offer some lucrative name plates for your cartoonists. This will give them pride and will work more passionately for you.

Cartoon999 Review

To manage the Office there is an Office section. There are some tabs which you can check to improve your Office. Here you can go through Furniture, Wall, Recover, Space, Floor and Wallpaper tabs. In the Furniture tab, you can buy some cool furniture for your office. Let it be plants, decoration items, etc. This will improve the office environment and will make feel good factor for your Cartoonists.

There is a Wall option where you can change the walls of the office. Then there is a Recover option from where in you can recover the selected furniture from the office. Then there is space option. From this option you can expand the space of the office. You can also change the Floor of the office. You can select the right option.

There is an option for wallpaper as well. You can change the wallpaper of the office. Then there is a Quest Tab wherein you can complete quests accordingly. Then there is a “Conquer” Tab wherein you can expand. The game is very addictive indeed and you can keep on playing for days. You will learn a lot of things in this game. If you love cartoon and business then this game will be very much interesting for you.

Tip: In the game, level up the cartoonists and upgrade the office.

Final Verdict

The game is addictive. If you like cartoons and business then you will keep playing it for a long time. Must download if you like tycoon games on your Android smartphone.


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