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Tap Tycoon Review – Android Tapping Game

After the evolution of touch screen phones, tapping is fun for a lot of users. Especially on Android, tapping games are hit and this game actually caught our eyesight. So we thought of doing the Tap Tycoon Review. Actually I love playing tycoon games and this game was needed to be played. We at mustgames play games very much passionately. This is not only our hobby but love for life. We have extensively played this game and you will get to know more about it in detail.

There is always a height of excitement level when you play tycoon games. Actually my hopes for any tycoon game is very high. But as this is a tapping game I thought of not to keep much as there might be very less game story. But is that so? Were we addicted to this game? Well you will get to know about it in detail.

Tap Tycoon Review Tap Tycoon Review

User Interface

So when you open the game you will get to see a sky and you have to built businesses. You see a settings icon at the top left corner. When you open the settings, you can actually control the sound, music and notification in the game. Also you can see the help icon over there.  There is a level indicator. Also there is money earned below it. Also there is an Achievements icon. You will see your country`s flag on topmost right corner.  When you open the achievements tab, you will see a list of achievements.

When you complete any achievement then you will earn diamonds in the game. Also when you will click on the country`s flag you will see the ranking of your country. This is based on the soldiers you sent for war in the game. This is very much interesting part of the game. There are 4 main tabs in the game. They are Player, Business, Technology and Perks. So when you go in Player tab, there you will see that you can change the player name. There are awesome stats which you can look for.

Tap Tycoon Review Tap Tycoon Review

Then there is a skills tab where it will showcase your current skills achieved in the game. In the player page there is also a Prestige button which is very important and we will explain it in the gameplay of the game. Below that, you will see the per tap value and the multiplier. So you can select the multiplier like the x1, x10 or x100 which will buy the levels in that fashion. Below that you can buy the unlockables. These are powerups in the game which will help you to gain more and more cash in the game.

This helps a lot during the gameplay. There is a rocket which comes in the game from time to time. Just tap on it to get some extra perks. These unlockables are for example 2.5x of the profit of a particular business or boosters to make more money in the game. Then there is a Business tab. There you will see the amount of money earned that is the profit per second. Also you will see various busineses like the Restaurant, Entertainment and Media Center. You will also see the price associated with the upgrade.

Tap Tycoon Review Tap Tycoon Review

You can buy the levels in multipliers as well during the game. There is also another Technology tab. Here you will see all the tech cards which are listed. These will help you to get more money during the game. When you tap on a tech card it will show you more and more information about it. Well it is now time to play the game. Also I will share how in short time I have earned a fortune of virtual money in this game.


So when you tap you earn virtual money in the game. From time to time there will be a Fat cat offer where if you watch a video ad you will earn virtual currency in the game. When you accept the fat cat offer you also earn double income for next 4 hours. This is an important tip for players to boost their income for the next four hours. So the players should use these tips in the game to get more and more income.

The basic funda is to tap and earn money. Then using that money you can buy businesses and can upgrade them. As you upgrade them the skyline is built and the buildings are raised. This is very interested as you can see how your business starts growing.

Tip: Tap and earn money. Use that money to buy and upgrade businesses and also purchase the unlockables.

Just remember the above tip and repeat it again and again. Also don`t forget to use your skills from time to time. These are the Quick cash, Business supercharged, Auto Tap, Cash Stack Chance and the Hand of Midas. These are very important skills. Use it from time to time to get more money in the game. Now do this often and you will see a rise in your money.

Tap Tycoon Review

Now the question in your mind must be that ok, I have so much virtual money, now what to do? The question is are you able to take a risk by making it to zero and start from zero? Well if you are then go to the player`s tab and tap on the “Prestige” button. This is the most interesting part where you can prestige all your businesses and it will give you bonuses and also may give you tech cards. Apart from that you also send soldiers which fight for your country in this game especially when you prestige your empire.

So when you prestige all your busineeses are sold and you again start from zero. The fun fact is that going from zero to what you were at the previous stage is an easy thing altogether. You will ask how is that possible? Well it is easily possible when you earn valuable bonus which helps you to earn money faster. So the wealth is faster generated and it is fun to earn the wealth in very less time. So when you prestige you actually fasten the process of earning money and create your wealth.

Final Verdict

This is an addictive tycoon game a nice way to pass your time. 🙂 Watch our gameplay below and le us know your comments about the review in the comments section below.

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