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Pirate Kings Review

Have you enjoyed watching Pirate related movies? Do you like to be a Pirate? Well in this game this can be possible. In this game there are many things which a pirate does. This game you can enjoy playing as a Pirate. There is a game named as Pirate Kings where in you can do all the things what a pirate does.

This is a simulation game and you can play it ease and you may get addicted for sure. You can play this game with just a press of a button, we will explain it in the gameplay for sure. This game you can make a lot of money using your skills and yes luck for sure.

Pirate Kings Review

Pirate Kings Review

User Interface

When you start the game it shows you the Island News and you can see the recent attacks made on your island. The main task is to rotate the wheel. You can see a large Red button with Pirate symbol on it. There are other things like the money earned on the top right side of the screen and there is the stars earned by you in the prices.

There is also a wheel where in there are a lot of different events. These are the money, steal, Attack Defense and also spins. The main task is to steal and win a lot of cash from the game. There is also a Daily Bonus option in the game.

Pirate Kings Review 03 Pirate Kings Review

There when you click on the options side on the top left side of the screen, you will see the money earned, turns or the number of times you can hit the button. There are Play, Island View, My islands, Shop, News, Leaderboard, Buy Cash/Spins, Daily Bonus, Invite Friends and Settings.

When you go to the shop you can see the upgrades, you can make the island better and better. You can improve the island with ease using these upgrades. So you can use this money for sure.

Pirate Kings Review Pirate Kings Review


The main thing is that you have to hit the red button and keep the wheel moving. Then you will get the listed amount of money you get. Also there are points like the Attack, Defense, Steal and Spins. When you get Attack, you get an opportunity of attacking an island in this game. This will help you to take revenge against your rival or person who had earlier attacked you.

There you have options to attack the ship, island or any other thing for sure. There is also a defense option when you get it your island is shielded against attacks. This helps a lot. As no body is able to attack your island. You need upto 3 defense in the game. This is a useful thing for sure.

Tip: You can earn a lot of money when you Steal.

This can be done when you steal from a particular island in the game. This game is simple to play as you need to just rotate the wheel from time to time and press the button. As time passes by you get to rotate the wheel. These will be recharged with ease.

Pirate Kings Review

In this game stealing the right island as shown above is very important. As you get to see that the name of the island, you have to guess it right. In the game, you need to keep playing till the turns get over in the game. The Pirate Kings is all about playing the game till you keep upgrading your islands and make it more appealing for you. There are a lot of things, like the ships, island and also the statue at the island. This is very important.

Final Verdict

This is a game to enjoy your time in the game. In this game you will get to keep moving the wheel and keep upgrading the islands. This is interesting and you like to make sure that you want to be the Pirate King.

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