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My Talking Angela Review

This is a game made by the developers of the famous Talking Tom game. This game is for people mainly for girls who want to groom the cute Angela right from baby to her maturity. This is a game of taking care of your dear cute baby. There are many features in this game and we will discuss all of them. If you want to care for someone in this gaming world this game can be for you. The game is more of the form of the levels. So there are various levels in the game. There will be more and more features in the game to play.

My Angela Review My Angela Review

The more you play the more you get to learn. Though it is very easy to play and there is a short tutorial which will actually tell you how to play and what are the main features of the gameplay. We will talk and speak about what to do in the game and also some of our tips to make sure you are at the peak of this game. The main feature of the game is to make the Angela active and nourish her in all the daily tasks.

This game is not having much tasks tough, so it will take your very much less time of playing. But if you play it regularly from time to time then it can be enjoying it for sure as we did in the long run. As we know long investments give more returns so in this case too, long term duration of gameplays will surely give you more happiness.

My Angela Review My Angela Review

User Interface

You can easily download this game from the Google Playstore. You can use the link below. When you start the game, it will take few seconds to load. Then you also get a tip in the gameplay. The the game starts. There you will see the Angela in the screen. On top of the screen you will see an Ad. There will be the number of coins earned on the top left corner. Below that will be the counter of diamonds. There is also a symbol for the sound of the app. On right hand side there will be a link to the Talking Tom. Also there is a link to play a video Ad.

If you play it you will get more virtual goodies. Then you will see the shopping cart icon, Progress bar of the level. On the right hand side of it you can see the messages icon. Below messages icon you can see the level number which you are playing. Below the progress bar you will see all the meters for the happiness, Food, Shower and sleep. These when clicked you will be transferred to a different screen. When you visit the happiness you will see that Angela in a porch/terrace.

My Angela Review My Angela Review

There you can play mini games. Also you can visit the stickers book. When you complete the levels you receive the stickers, which you can place in this book. When you complete a particular page you will get more goodies. When you click on the food, you will see that the Angela is sitting on the Dining table and ready for having food. In the shower section there are three main features. One is near wash basin to clean the teeth.

Other is near the shower for a bath. And another is in front of the mirror for grooming. When you visit the Sleep or night icon you will see Angela on a bed and when you hit the lamp or turn it off Angela goes to sleep. Sleep is very essential in the game, which we will discuss in the gameplay.

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So the question is how to play the game? Well for having fun you can just be in front of the Angela and talk and she will repeat the same in her voice. So this is very interesting and funny. You have to keep the volume high of the game if you want to listen to Angela. So speak to her and she will reply with the same as what you said, just similar to that of the Talking Tom. Well apart from that there are various functions in this game.

My Angela Review My Angela Review

So the question is to all that how can I move to the next level in this game. The mantra is to keep on playing and automatically you will get into the next level. So if you do the things in this sequence you will save your time and achieve more.

Step 1: Have food

You should consume food. So keep eating food till it shows 100% and then move on. If the food is over then you can buy it from the Shopping cart and selecting food. There you can see various options of baby food, Fruits and veggies and other options which will open as you progress in the game. Keep purchasing food and have it first.

Step 2: Shower and grooming

So once you eat, click the shower icon. Then click on the wash basin. Then remove the dirt from the teeth and then start brushing your teeth. This is important as you need to brush it to keep the level 100%. Then it is time for a bath for the Angela. Click on the bath tub. Then using the soap, just swirl around Angela and then click on the shower and keep dragging. You can also click on the toy to play with Angela. Once done you can groom Angela.

Click on the mirror which is above the wash basin. Then you can do the make up of Angela. This is to make her feel nice, clean and good.

My Angela Review My Angela Review

Step 3: Happiness at Terrace

To increase the happiness click on the smiley icon and you will see Angela in the terrace. Then you can just touch her and she will be happy. This is like a pet so show your love. Keep her happy. When all reaches 100% it is time to sleep.

Step 4: Sleep

When you click on the night icon you will see Angela in her bedroom. Just click on the lamp and switch it off so that Angela dozes off to sleep. The Angela should sleep often. If the Angela does not get sleep then it is difficult to do any other task for sure.

Repeat the above steps and automatically you will see improvement in the game. You will proceed in the game. You will go level by level. There are stickers you win when you complete levels. This is a fun activity indeed. You can keep playing the game and move ahead.

Final Verdict

Similar to Talking Tom but with advanced features and you can groom the Angela. It is fun playing it, but you will have to keep playing it at regular intervals, Enjoy!

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