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Despicable Me Android Game Review

Despicable Me is the one of the most downloaded game in the Google play store nearly more than 100 millions had downloaded this game. It is a surprising puzzle challenging game. Despicable me game is developed by Gameloft. The creatures in this game are named as minions. The size of this game is depending upon the device we are using. This is supported to all devices of android. We can download this from web using internet through Google play store.

Despicable Me 04

Despicable Me Android Game

In this Game play we use the familiar three-lane system with swipes in four directions causing you to move to the next track or jump or slide. There are bananas scattered all over the places which act as one of the game’s currencies. Additionally we also have several types of power-ups that appears which can be additionally unlocked up by spending bananas.

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This minion rush has some level plays in each level we have some tasks to complete. In the very 1st level the the task we get is to collect no. of bananas and in that we have some inter levels. In which if we collect some bananas we get the first fruit if collect some more that specified in game we get second fruit. In such a way we need to get total 3 fruits in the each level.

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The level starts with as we enter from gru’s lab to find some mystery so to complete it we need to complete the tasks assigned. In other levels we get other tasks like run up to some meters, collect bananas using banana vaccum, fly on gru’s rocket etc.

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We had some items in this which are used to complete the levels. They are PX41 serum, Banana Vacuum, Freeze Ray, Gru’s Rocket, Mega Minion, Fluffy Unicorn, Minion Launcher, Minion Shield, Banana Splitter, Moon, Golden prize pod, Golden Shield.

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These items we can unlock by completing levels and also we can buy with the bananas we collected. The Banana vacuum is about some bananas cost and minion launcher is about 500 bananas cost. Banana splitter is about 1, 500 bananas. We also had an item named moon which costs about 2,250 bananas.

In minion rush we complete levels and by completing the level at some level we need to unlock to other places. In the game play starting level we start in gru’s lab then after about 10 levels we unlock the minions beach and like this we need to unlock other areas. The locations we had in this game are gru’s lab, residential area, El Macho’s Lair, Minion Beach etc. we also had some costumes purchase place in this game, these costumes are recommended to us in the middle of game play if we require them then we can unlock them.

Despicable Me 05

Some of the costume animations in this game are Marachi, Santa, Referee, Dad, Vampire, Dancer, FireFighter, Vacationer, Quaterback, Starfish, Girl, Disguised, Tortilla chip hat etc. we need to unlock these Characters by using tokens, bananas etc. each character has some specific nature. Like for Marachi had double chance of finding a banana splitter, Vampire has all power ups last 15 seconds longer than all other characters. Like this we can use each character according to our required play.

While we unlock some levels we also need to unlock some machines in the jelly testing area by play the last level before the machine. In this game play if we need to buy the bananas or tokens or any other things we need to have an internet access to the game play.

In this game the minion will run in 3 lanes where there we have some obstacles and the minion should run so that it should get shit by any obstacles. In the game way we had some obstacles and also some fire obstacles from which we need to escape by swiping and tilting. In the run way some other minions will also appear, in some levels we need to hit the other minions by which we can get multiplers and some other by this we can collect the fruits and we can complete the level.

In the run way some minions will stands in sideways and tries to hit the min minion running. We also get the power ups in our run way which we should collect and use them. Like if we had a banana vacuum in the run way then we need to collect the banana vacuum and then by that we collect bananas and we will complete the level.

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We also get some other power ups in our run way like the snow breaker, rocket, mega minion etc. By using these power ups we can complete our levels by collect fruits in each level. In each level we need to collect 3 fruits to complete level fully. When collected one fruit then we can go to the next level and we and we can play the next level. In the game way some levels are assigned to us by the game, But in some levels we can see a question mark symbol.

In such levels we should spin the box and then we will get the task from any one of the task similar to the old tasks we complete. The animations in this game are ultimate benefit to this game. The way the developer created the run way and the jelly testing area and the locations are the most interesting parts in this game.

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I like these game animations mostly the tasks needed to complete in collecting fruits we can create in mean while defeating the other minions similar to the main minion. The animated minions with different characters and the all other appearances. This one of the best game that everyone should be played. While playing this game I will never get bored and I will play the involved it, And I come when my battery comes to dead. This game can be played with other friends by connecting to net and it gives us the most excitement.

This article is written by : Dileep Gundavaram