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Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

Chhota Bheem is a popular character among the kids in not only in India but in overseas. Are you willing to kill your time and enjoy a nice game? Is this game having too much fun? Well you will get to know in detail when we share our observations with you regarding this game. We reviewed the Android game names as  Chhota Bheem Jungle Run. This is a game with a storyline so it is more intriguing for sure.

Why to play a kid`s game even if you are an adult? Well it is always a pleasure and fun to play a kid`s game to get the kid in you. So relishing childhood memories is always great and if games help us to do so, then it is very much easier and awesome task indeed.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

User Interface

After installing and opening the game, you will see the main game menu. Here you will see simple navigation options. Apart from that you will see the laddoos earned just above the game`s name. There are options of Single Player and Multiplayer. Then there are options for Achievements, Upgrades, Help and sound controls.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

Also the use will get to see the energy left in the Chhota Bheem. when you open the upgrade section there you can purchase the upgrade powerups. This is to make the chhota bheem better in what he does. So you can purchase the powerups for the Head Start, 2x Laddoos, 3x laddoos, Invincible and magnet.

In the sound controls you can easily tweak the sound of the game. So click on the Single Player mode to start the game.


When you start the game you will get instructions. These are very much easy to follow. If you Tap and hold then the Chhota Bheem will fly upwards. Also there is a showcase of the icons of various powerups which the chhota bheem can collect during the game. Also note that on every gameplay there will be a consumption of 10% energy. This energy is restored automatically with time.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

So read the instructions and it is time for the game to be played! You will see the current mission. For example it is 1000 miles. So you will have to go 1000 miles with the Chhota Bheem in this game. Well is it going to be easy? Lets play and get to know about it. The Chhota Bheem runs automatically and to make him fly you can tap and hold. Well you can see various laddoos collection opportunities during the gameplay. So you can make the chhota bheem fly to collect the laddoos.

Also there will be obstacles during the game. To dodge them you will have to make the Chhota Bheem fly or get him down. So when you tap and hold the Chhota Bheem will fly and when you leave it will go automatically down. This is a very interesting part of the game. So strategically you will have to use it in your favour. You will see the amount of laddoos you collected at the top of the screen in the game.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

On the right top corner you will see the miles covered by the Chhota Bheem. So for example you covered 16 miles then it shows 16/1000 miles. So you will get to know that you have to cover the remaining miles in the game. So when you want to jump or fly then tap and hold.

Tip: Keep collecting powerups during the game and try to avoid obstacles

This is a very important tip and you should keep it in mind during the game. So powerups help you to succeed fast and with better results. If you get hit by any obstacle you have to pay 300 laddoos to go ahead or whatever is the demand in the game. So try not to get hit by any obstacles and make the way for Chhota Bheem to go ahead.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

The best part comes when you actually upgrade your powerups in the game. This will help you a lot to proceed faster and with ease. So in the latter missions you will get to see various characters in the game. So there is a strong storyline behind the game. This will keep you motivated to play more for sure. This game is indeed not at all similar to Temple Run. Many of our fans asked us that Are the running games similar to that of the Temple Run? Well this game is surely an exception indeed.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

When the Chhota Bheem runs there will be wooden logs as blocks in the game, which you need to tackle with care. Also there are many other obstacles in the game. So keep playing the Chhota Bheem and let us know what are your opinions about this game in the comments below.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

This is an endless game. So there are no specific levels to complete. But it all depends upon the distance you travel in this game. So the more you travel the distance, the more you will earn laddoos and opportunities to get powerups. So it is an endless game. In the initial phase it will ask to complete 500 m but after completing that the target will be increased to 750m and so on the targets will increase. Well so let us know how much distance you covered in this game.

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run Review

It is actually fun to see the Chhota Bheem to run in the Jungle and avoid the obstacles and get more and more laddoos. I liked the game and it becomes interesting as there are new types of obstacles which come into the latter phases of the game. So play more to see what new obstacles you will see in the game. So for example when you run there you will see a baseball bat kind of thing but it is not a powerup it is an obstacle. So it happened with us while playing the game. So this is a tip of avoiding this obstacle and don`t go for that. Enjoy the game.

Final Verdict

This is a game which you actually pass your time. The idea of getting laddoos for the Chhota Bheem is tempting. This will help you to play the game for the long run indeed.

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