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Temple Run 2 Android Game Review

Temple run 2 is the most downloaded game on Google play store nearly about 180 millions of downloads. It is surprising, adventures, challenging game It is a sequel of the game temple run developed by Imangi studios. Temple run 2 is a game where a character escape’s from the giant creature by taking an idol.

The game itself is slightly different far temple run as it came up with new obstacles such as 0mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, jets of fire, zip lines. The game also had new power-ups and players now have the ability to save the character running from death by using green gems that are collected while running or which can be purchased online. Temple run 2 was released on app store in January 2013.

Temple Run 2 Android Game

Temple Run 2 Android Game

Temple run 2 is about 45MB size which we can download from the web by internet from google play store. This is mostly available for android, ios, windows 8.

In the initial version of temple run 2 there is only 4 characters available to play the game, But in later upgrades we came with different characters and now, In temple run 2 there are different character named as Guy dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma lee, Francisco Montoya, zack wonder, Montana smith, Usain bolt, santa claus.

Temple Run 2 06  Temple Run 2 Android Game

Temple run 2 will be given a character at starting named Guy dangerous, then by collecting 5,ooo coins we can unlock scarlett fox, after then by a coin collection of 15,ooo Bary Bones can be unlocked, then for a huge collection of 25,000 karma lee can be unlocked. All the characters in the game can be unlocked by the coins except usain bolt and santa claus.

There a character named by great runner usain bolt whom we need to purchase on the play store, Santa claus can be unlocked by the gems collected. Guy dangerous is a default explorer comes with a shield power up. Scarlett Fox will come up with the boost power up. Barry Bones comes with the coin doubler power up. Karma lee comes with the score power up. Usain bolt is with combined magnet and boost power up.

Temple Run 2 04  Temple Run 2 05

While the characters run to survive there are many obstacles which may stop them so we have slide up/down and some time we need to tilt to any of the directions. The main aim is we need to collect lot of coins so we can unlock the characters and we also have some power ups name shield, magnet, coin doubler, Boost distance and many more we can also increase their duration or strength by using the coins that we collect.

There is a meter indicating the amount of collected coins when it completely filled then we can use the power up that we activated at that game. Shield is the power to protect us, while running there are many obstacles some are like the bricks and some are of a cave to go through it. while moving from then if we tuck to them we get out, then to over come we can be protected by using shield.

In some place there is also the fire flowing the way that we move, so to save from it also the shield protects us. Magnet is to attract the coins more that present near to us. Coin doubler is to increase the number of coins that are present with us. Boost distance is to move some distance from the place we are and without any loss. These power ups also can be upgraded if we have coins. By the upgrade of the we can increase the strength.

Temple Run 2 Android Game

To have a good temple run play we need to have good swiping, tilting skills and we should be so concentrated at the game , it is difficult predict the going game. We have total eye, mind control to play it.

Temple run 2 has many levels that by giving some tasks to each level, when we complete the given tasks we can go to the next level .There is also some daily challenges and weekly challenges when we complete them we can have a bonus points like coins and gems. Some of the tasks are like run 200 mts with out coins collecting, find a articrats, complete the distance of 1000mts etc.. When characters come to end then we can use the gem to take a life to it and we can continue the game.

When we use the gems then we can have the chance to use spin wheel which gives us the bonus points which may be coins or any power ups. We need to upgrade the temple run 2 when there is available upgrade give by developers. By the upgrade of temple run 2 we get new features any many other surprising changes. In temple run 2 we have a option to buy some coins or can unlock the characters by the online paying method. By paying the cost offered by them we can have the coins and etc.

We will get the upgrades for temple run 2 at some times. By the upgrading we will get the best graphics than the previous over every time. And also we have some varied lands scape come in game after the upgraded version.

Temple Run 2 03  Temple Run 2 02

Temple run 2 is the best game that up to now no other game is there to compete it. While playing the game I feel like it’s the real life person who is running out from a danger to save his life. I like this game because you get to go on a water slide , which makes us to as we are there going to slide in water. And also going into a tunnel which looks as a roller coast and to survive there we go on tilting the mobile. And to go on a thin piece of the temple that I like see it as a great sky bridge. While it I never felt bored at any but. Instead I like to play it for the whole as a addictive gamer.

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This article is written by Dileep Gundavaram