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MMORPG Tycoon Android Game Review

Well we always like to play a lot of Tycoon Games. Some are really very much addictive and some are like play it once and uninstall. Well this is a game which comes into the first category. Though we have completely analyzed this game after playing it for long 7 days. Yes this game was that much addictive it seems. So whats the catch of the game?

Well this is a game created for the game developers. So in the role of a game developer in the business sense you can enjoy playing this game. The main fact is that you like to play a lot of games in the business genre. Well this game also comes which is kind of similar to that of the Game Dev Tycoon but way too much different. We will surely talk about the game in detail and what all it has in store for the user to play on.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game

User Interface

So talking about the user interface, this game is very easy to understand. The main motive of the game is to make more and more money and also make the perfect game for your company. So this is all infinite task. So the game will go on and on. Talking about the user interface in detail, this game has easy navigation and the main screen of the game is very important where you see or check all the developments going on in the game. Well as we have played this game too much we will also tell you the walk through or hint to make this game more enjoyable while playing.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game


When you start a new game it will you the name of the company and the new game`s name as well. You will see a lot of information on the screen. This information is all about the details of the various aspects of your game development company. Now you can increase the speed of the game by choosing the multiplier feature. There is the money or cash you have in hand on the left. Below that is the recurring net income you earn periodically. There is also the number of players option. Now for more players or for accommodating them you will have to purchase the servers. This is a very interesting part of the game. The main task is also to increase the game and improve the player and overall game rating of your game.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game


So there is the development part where you can see a lot of options. There are various types of development you can perform. There is also the associated cost for each development. As soon as you enroll for a particular development there will it show the remaining time for the development to complete. Now what is the overall outcome of the development? Well you can easily gain the specific amount of new players. You will also earn more income and cash in the process. So the mantra is just develop more and more.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game

There are various types of developments like the Quest, Item, Monster, Area, BG, Dungeon, Raid and DLC. So these are the main developments which you can perform for your game according to the ascending order in amount of time and income.


Now in the development process there is are two important time parameters. One is the Tech development time and another is the Design development time. Now this time of both the parameters can be easily reduced with the help of developers. You can easily hire the developers and they will decrease the development time for sure. As you will hire the developers note that you will have to pay them salary so the expense will increase and there will be a decrease in the net income. So hiring the developers at the right time is very crucial and important. There are different type of programmers which you can hire. These are programmers, artists, audio engineers, animators and marketing manager. The salary of these people are different.


As you perform various developments new players get added for playing the game. Make sure that you have available servers for the new players. There is a cost for buying a server which can accommodate a particular amount of players. There is also a maintenance cost which the user has to pay to maintain the servers in the game.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game


There is a game rating of the game you develop in the game when you click on the game`s name(which you had decided). There you can see the Game Rating, Player Rating and the game upgrades rating. Rating is actually the indication whether people play your game or not. There is a company tab below as well.


In the the company tab you can upgrade your company to accommodate more and more employees. This is useful as you can hire more and more people. The more people you hire the faster development is done. There is a one time cost to upgrade the company for the next level.

MMORPG Tycoon Android Game MMORPG Tycoon Android Game

Walk through

Here comes the interesting part of the review. Now this is just my observation and I am am giving our some of the tips to succeed in the game in a smart way. So I will tell you what not mistakes to do or play the game in such a way that you have more fun and reach to amazing levels in less time. So when you start playing, keep the developments going on and on. Do not hire the developers initially or at the initial phase. Let the income increase. You will also have to buy more servers to accommodate more players. So keep increasing the income or keep at least the net income = expenses so that you can have an upper hand in the game.

When your income is strong then start hiring the developers. Perform all the researches and also upgrade your servers and game engine so that it will save your time and money in the game. When you click on the number of players you can actually hire the community managers to make your game reputation to a good level. Keep increasing your income by developments and keep hiring developers, upgrade servers, buy them or even upgrade your company to the next level. All the best!

Final Verdict

Addictive game. But only for people who like to develop games or run a game business in a very numeric way. No tension of loss as it is a basis number oriented stuff. Gets boring after a certain period of time. Enjoy the game.

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