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Horse Racing 3D Android Game Review

Horse riding is fun and playing a game related to it was what we were looking for. So are you ready for knowing about a Horse Racing game? Well we were very much excited to play this game. Were we addicted playing this game? or was it boring? Well you will get to know all the answers to these questions as you read our Horse Racing 3D Android Game Review. This is a lot more fun to play simulation type of games where not only you feel like you are actually playing it but also you earn money after you complete each and every level in the game. Some levels are surely very much interesting.

Horse racing is my favourite and we were looking to play a game in this space. Finally we got to know about the Horse Racing 3D. This is a very easy and simple to understand game. We will take you with all the perspectives of this game. Did we enjoy? Well you will get to know it for sure.

User Interface

When you start the game you will see the main screen. There you will see the huge logo of the game in between. There are two options below these are “More Games” and “Start”. On the top left you can see the settings icon. There you can tweak settings of volume. Also you can change the player name in the game.  You will get to change the sensitivity and the control mode. The music of the game can also be switched ON and OFF according the likability of the user.

When the user hits on start, there you will be beautifully enter into your stable. There you can see all the horses bought by you. This is a very nice 3D view. There you will get to know about the horse. Its attributes. These are speed, power and stamina. Also you will be able to see the number of stars of the horse. This is very important as you will get to know about the status of the horse. On top left you will get to see the “Back” button. There you will also see the star rating of the horse.

The coins earned can be seen at the top right corner of the game. There are options for Shop, My Horse and Career. When you click on shop, you can actually upgrade the horse. Also there are new horses you can buy if you have the required money. There is also a Daily Task button just below the coins earned score. When you hit on career, you will see the various chapters. There are a total of 10 chapters and there are levels in each chapter. So the user has to complete the levels to go the next chapter.

This is very important to go ahead in the game. To navigate in between the chapters you can use the Left and Right arrows in the game. These arrows will help you to check out the other chapters.


When you select the desired level, the game starts. There are three stars which can be won in each and every level. When you complete the objectives of a particular level you can move on to the next level. When you start a particular level you will get to see the list of Objectives on the left hand side of the screen. On right hand side there will be the Mission Number and also the type of level, distance and the number of players in the level. Then click on Next.

Then you get to see your Horse. You can equip the horse with various upgrades. These upgrades are for a particular duration or for the longterm basis. When you are done with the upgrades, then hit the “Start” button. This is where the best part comes. There is a beautiful view of the horse just before the race. This a very awesome view, which I liked the most in the game. This 3D view is very much mesmerizing making the player believe that he is actually getting geared up for the race.

So on the game play screen you will get to see a lot of details. These details are The pause button on the top left. There are also the objectives listed on the left side of the screen. Below on left bottom corner there is the easy button in the game. There are also power ups shown on the right side of the screen. On the bottom there is the race progress bar. As your horse goes ahead you will get to see the progress bar also goes ahead. It is easy to play. When there is a barrier you will just have to swipe on the screen upwards with perfect timing.

In the initial stages, you will need some practice to do it perfectly. But when you do it, there will be fun for sure. Also when you do it perfectly there will be a notification for sure. This will boost your confidence. This helps a lot. There is a “Push” button on the right bottom corner. When you hit the push button the horse moves faster. This is very helpful to move ahead. When you push hard the stamina decreases. This is very important. But don`t make it low as the horse will have to go slow till the stamina is revamped. Also to steer the horse left and right, you will have to steer your smartphone. You can also change it using the control mode.

Playing the game is fun if you have a faster horse. To buy a good and better horse you need to keep on completing the levels and earn coins and use them from time to time to upgrade your horse or to buy a new one.

Tip: Keep playing the bonus levels daily to earn coins.

Also do keep on checking the Daily tasks as they give or provide good amount of coins. These small tips will help you a lot in the game for the long run. We enjoyed the game and the levels where there are races and we have to compete with the other horses. This is very interesting.

Final Verdict

We had fun playing this game. It is a very addictive horse racing game. Though there is no betting feature which I was looking for. But upgrading your horse and making it run again and again without waiting times is a great feeling. So no limits and keep playing Horse Racing 3D.

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