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Best Fiends Android Game Review

Best fiends is the one of the popular game in the Google play store where nearly more than 6 million times downloaded this game. It is a surprising puzzle challenging game. Best fiends game is developed by seriously digital entertainment. The creatures in this also looks like the angry birds. This game is we start from the green glades and move to mount boom, while going through the way we have to pass through different levels. If we fail to pass through these levels we never reach to the mount boom.

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Best Fiends Android Game Review

The size of this game is depending upon the device we using. This is supported to all devices android, ios also. We can download this from web using internet through Google play store. During the way passage there is slugs that we need to defeat. According to level we play there will be different tasks to us. There number of slugs we need to defeat depends on the level we play.

In best fiends there the main hero’s named Kwincy, jojo, brittle, temper, bob, tantrum, Edward. These are the Best fiends that will defeat the slugs to reach their destiny. In this game we have different levels, By crossing each level we will complete some tasks and by completion of such tasks we earn gems and keys also.

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After completion of the level we will have a chance to use the keys and discover the treasure will be having number of according to our play. We will unlock the boxes with the keys we had and there will be totally 9 and we need to choose among them. From those boxes we may get extra gems, small creatures named meteor mites also. We can collect the meteor mites from the boxes opened, we can use these meteor mites in growing the power of fiends.

We will basically start the game with the fiend named kwincy then after our playing, when we reach certain levels we then able to unlock the other fiends. There is also another option for us when our fiends are not able to defeat the slugs we can grow their power by using the meteor mites. Then we can defeat the slugs easily.

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For each level we need to connect the same kind of things present in the screen, we need to connect at least 3 and maximum is up to the possibility. In each level we will be given tasks that consist of collecting number of gems collection and also the slugs defeat. There is also the moves limit to complete the task. If we are not able to complete them in the number of moves assigned then we should restart the game and there is also another option that we can buy the moves to continue the same game, which are generally 5 moves we can buy for 61-62 rupees.

Buy connecting to net and by paying the amount through online we can use the moves. In some cases we need to unlock the next levels, then we should complete the tasks assigned that consists of power of the fiends. If our fiends are not up to the power needed then we need to grow power or we can use the gems to unlock the level.

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This game has the ability to buy the moves to continue the game and also to buy the number of gems. The amount of gems will depend according to number of gems required. In the game play we have mainly five pals that we can connect to defeat the slugs they are Green Glades, Strawberry patch, Mellow flowers, Glowshroom garden, Dewdrop district.

Our fiends will live in some of the pals. The fiends that live in the Green glades are Temper, Lapoleon, Gene. The fiends that live in the strawberry patch are Bob, Gordon, Tantrum. The fiends that live in the mellow flowers are kwincy, Vega, Jojo. The fiends that lives in the Glowshroom garden are Brittle, Dennis, Whisper. When we connect the pals them the respective fiends will get to defeat the slugs. Slugs will consist of certain amount of power but repetitive defeat of fiend the slugs become weaker and the will be completely defeated after number of attacks by fiends.

Best Fiend 13 Best Fiend 14

By moving on from level to another the tasks will be increased and the earning of fiends also increases. When we go on increasing our levels we can get more number of keys in one level only and we can also earn more number of gems in each level. From the boxes we open after completing the each we will also able to unlock the fiend and also sometimes we can get the recharge energy from any of the boxes.

During the travel of Fiends to their destiny and by crossing levels we cross some areas like Green Glades, Frozen hills, Endless Desert, then the final mount boom. The main Features that I like in this game are Fiendish puzzles, Dazzling graphics, Epic story line, collect and level up, Never get stuck. These features increase the games significance completely.

Best Fiend Android Game Review

In this game play if we repeatedly lose to defeat the slugs then we run out of time and we to wait for the time to complete to get new moves. For every day there is only certain number or losses can consider if we exceed that then we need to wait to regain the moves. This repeated loss in defeats will be indicated as our fiends are exhausted, to refill their energy we can use currency to buy or we can also use the gems if we had the required to buy them.

I like this game animations mostly the connecting patterns we can create in mean while defeating the slugs and the animated fiends with different creatures and the slugs appearance. This one of the best game that everyone should be played. While playing this game i will never get bored and I will play the involved it, And I come to halt when my fiends energy got Exhausted or I get for out of moves.

This article is written by Dileep Gundavaram